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Adding a Popup Window to an Event

Section 3.2.7

The 5th parameter of the fscEvent function the popupLink parameter. It is an optional string containing a URL. If the argument does in fact contain as string (not NULL), the event text will be displayed as a hyperlink and destination will be the URL specified. Clicking the link will open the destination URL.

fscEvent( 1, 1, 2010, "my event", null, "" );

How the destination URL is opened is set by the popupType property. This property is a numeric property. It's value can be 1, 2 or 3. Setting this property controls the popup type of all the events, so you can't mix the behavior.

value description
1 The URL is opened in a popup, new browser window.
2 The URL is opened in a DIV element, circumventing popup blocking software.
3 The URL is opened as a regular hyperlink in the main browser.

The value of 1 is the default. This opens the destination URL in a new browser window as a popup. Some aggresive popup blocking software may interpret the popup as an advertisement an prevent it from displaying. The attributes of the popup window are set in the popupProperties property.

To circumvent popup block software, use the value of two to display the destination URL in a DIV tag. The style of the DIV tag is controlled in the .scPopupContainer class name of the CSS file

Alternatively, you can write javascript in the "text" or "script" parameters of the fscEvent function to do custom popups.

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