An Incredible Javascript Event Calendar

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Automatically Expanding Cell Height

Section 2.4.2

The recommended solution to display all events and event text is to adjust the cellHeight or cellWidth. This was covered in a previous section.

The "expandCellHeight" property is alternative to this method. Setting this boolean property to True allows the date cell to expand as needed to include all the events. The online demo shows off this property if you check the "standard" and "original" themes.

There are some variations in the way browsers render the calendar with the property set to True. MSIE and Firefox render the calendar properly as expected. Opera and Netscape browsers may not expand the last event style to cover the entire cell. Please be aware of this variation if you use this property.

It is recommended that if you use expandCellHeight that you turn off "expandEventStyle". With expandEventStyle set to false, the calendar will not attempt to expand the events, and you should get a consitent look across all browsers.

Note: The expandCellHeight property will not work in MSIE with a DocType declaration tag. DocType declaration tags are used to indicate if the browser should render strict/ w3c compliant css, or if it should render in the browsers own particular flavor of css. The expandCellHeight only works in MSIE in loose CSS mode, and when not rendered as xhtml. So, the only DocType tag that will work is DocType tag that is equivalent to not having a DocType tag at all. That tag is below.

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