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Events in the Dead Dates

Section 3.2.4

The dead date cells are the cells of the calendar belonging to previous or next month. By default, nothing is displayed in these cells. In many of the themes provided, the cells themselves are not even displayed. In order to see the dead cells, please examine the "original" theme.

What displays in the "dead" cells is determined by the deadCellType property. The property is a numeric value designed for bitwise operations. That means that are three basic types of behavior for the dead cells that you can use and combine. The basic values are below.

value description
1 The Date Number is displayed.
2 The special, non-standard event dates are displayed.
4 The events for the previous and next month are displayed.

You can combine these values to create combinations. For instance, if you set the property to the value of 1+2 or 3, then the Date Number and the non-standard event dates are displayed. A value of 1+2+4 or 7 will display all three things.

A non-standard event date is an event in the scEvent.js that is not a valid date. In the scEvent.js you could have the following event.

fscEvent( 1, 0, 2010, "One day until January 1st.");

Which is not a valid date since 1/0/2010 is not valid. The calendar will interpret this as "one day before before the first of January 2010". If a dead cell is available, this event will display in the date 12/31/2009 for the month of January. It will not appear in December. Thus, a dead date cell in January can display information meant only for the month of January. The day value of "-1" will correspond to the date 12/30/2009 and so on. Dates beyond the last day of the month behave the same way, so a day value of "32" for January 2010 will display in the February 1st dead cell for the January month only.

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