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Managing your Events

Section 3.1.0

The scriptcalendar software is 100% javascript. Javascript has the built in limitation where it cannot read or write files on the server. This includes databases. There is no way to manage your events online with a javascript solution.

The scriptcalendar works by including the scevent.js and spspcevt.js files that conatin event data from the scrptcal.htm file. The main calendar engine scrptcal.js is also included. The scevent.js is a list of function calls. The function called is contained within the main engine. The scspcevt.js is itself a function, and it is called my the main engine.

The point is that these files containing the event data must exist on the server when the calendar is loaded. There is no way for the javascript solution to read data from a database or any other format.

You must manage your events somewhere else, probably in a text editor on your local machine. When you are ready to post updated events, you upload these files to the web server.

The event editor assists you with writing events. But it is still an offline tool. You manage your events, save them to a file, and then upload the file to server.

If you use the XML event format, the xml is loaded through an ajax-like process. But the xml event file must also exist before the calendar is loaded.

If you have server side scripting, like .NET or Java or PHP, you can generate the event data files from a database. A method of doing would be to change the include of the scevent.js to point to a page like scevent.aspx, scevent.jsp or scevent.php and have the events generated.

There is a example on the Scriptcalendar website of such a page in C#. The example uses the method above to generate the event file on demand by using scevent.aspx. There is also a page allowing you to manage the events online. You are free to download this code, study it and adapt to your needs. However, there is no method included with calendar to manage events online.

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