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Monthly and Yearly Events

Section 3.2.3

Monthly events are events that occur on the same day each month. Yearly events are events that occur on the same day each year. Events that occur on these regular schedules can be represented in the scevent.js file

A good example of a yearly event is Christmas day. It occurs on December 25th each year. Other examples are New Years day, the Fourth of July and your birthday.

You can write an event to occur year by passing the year parameter of the fscEvent call as null. For example, the event below occurs every Christmas.

fscEvent( 12, 25, null, "Christmas day");

An event that occurs every month can also be represented by passing the month parameter as null. For example, imagine you have a business where the end of the month processing occurs the 3rd day of each new month. You could write an event like the code below.

fscEvent( null, 3, null, "End of Month Processing");

Many times it is better to write holidays and reocurring event as special events, which are discussed later. The reason is you can't use this method to represent Thanksgiving, which changes each year.

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