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Multiple Events in a Single Day

Section 3.2.1

You may define more that one event for a specific date. The calendar will display the events as they are ordered in the scevent.js file. For example...

fscEvent( 1, 1, 2010, "event 1" );
fscEvent( 1, 1, 2010, "event 2" );
fscEvent( 1, 1, 2010, "event 3" );

Will place three events in the January 1st 2010 date. They will appear in the order above.

Please note that if you have many events defined in a single day, the calendar may truncate the display based on the cellHeight and expandCellHeight properties.

If your events are being cut off, you need more space to display them. In that case, increase the cellWidth and cellHeight properties to enlarge the individual date cells. Please see the section on control the calendar size for more details.

Alternatively, you can set the expandCellHeight which allows the date cell to grow to show all the events. This property is covered in depth in a later section.

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