An Incredible Javascript Event Calendar

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The Date Displayed

Section 2.4.9

You may find it necessary to know what date the user has selected and the calendar is displaying. This is particularly useful when you are using server side scripting to return data to the calendar.

Every time the user selects a new month or new year, the calendar refreshes within the IFrame with a parameter named "scDate". This parameter is a date representing the month and year displayed. The date is in a forward slash notation, for example "10/01/2005" (URL encoded of course, but that is transparent to you). The date always uses the first of the month, since the user can't select a day of the month.

You may add code to the "scrptcal.htm" file (in your choosen theme folder) to react to the "scDate" parameter. For example, you could use this date to only pull back the event data required for that month.

You may also use this to establish an initial date for the calendar. If the Scriptcalendar IFrame tag "src" attribute contains a URL that includes the "scDate" parameter, the calendar will display that date. You can use the "scDate" parameter to display a specific month and year. Please note that the parameter should be URL Encoded.

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